Salamander Technician


One doesn’t tend to think of repair men in this day and age given the level that production has become. Yet they still exist, in the background. While it is a convenience to beable to print ones phone or car off at the drop of a hat there are many systems where it is inconvenient to reprint over and over again. Which is where families like Cyrr’s come in. Reptilia and other short haired breeds have always been the go to for such jobs. Most long haireds and avians finding the grime and muck to be to much of a hassle to deal with.

As such from a young age Cyrr naturally took a liking to all things mechanic and electronic. Worming her way into all a manner of crannies that her parents couldn’t get to then taking a nice long bath afterwards to get clean. As such the salamander also began to take an interest in water sports. Finding it a fun way to stretch and relax at the end of a busy day.

By the time Cyrr was an adult she’d already began running her own shop. As time went on lovers came and went, even a child by one such union, but the salamander never truly settled down with anyone. It wasn’t until the child had left for college that Cyrr felt pangs over what could have been. As much as she enjoyed putting the pieces back together for someone she’d hadn’t really done it for herself. It was about that time that the salamander had remembered an offer made to her by a certain cybernetic enhanced orca during her years of child rearing. Being on rather good terms already with Pulse, given their common need for some thing or other to be fixed or replaced properly it didn’t take long for her to get in touch with @Tabitha&& once more. Soon finding herself competing and even training with a weapon.


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