Racoon Troublemaker & Criminal


Species: Raccoon (Caniform)
Sex: Female
Morphism: Atypical Patterning (Bushier tail with tigerstripes crossing almost tribal on her body)
Corp: Spyglass, “Unaffiliated”
Age: 36
Eyes: Purple (Contacts), true color blue.


Wanted: Tebara (Terribly Enraged Bad Ass Racoon Advisor) Former Spyglass Board Member.

A Notorious Criminal which has developed a rapport with Areannah from the constant arrests and incarcerations. Cold and Calculating, Tebara normally doesn’t do anything or talk to anyone without good reason. Be it to get them to do things that further her own Selfish agenda, or to get her own back with Spyglass. Either way, Unless you’re Areannah, approach this one with extreme caution, and a Bullshit Filter set to Maximum +10


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