Feline "Fix it" Girl


Sex: Female
Morphism: Saber tooth
Height: 4’
Eye color: Blue

Before you stands a four foot tall snow leopard with elongated fangs that mark her with the saber tooth morphism. The silky looking fur that covers her body is thick boasting a mixture of different level of greys. White covers her chest and belly and inner calves while her coat is gun metal grey with rosettes of dark grey to black swirling along her back up through her thick and bushy tail.

Black markings pepper her face in an symmetrical design that frames her piercing light blue eyes though she wares her black hair shoulder length hair which makes her white and grey rounded ears rest stand out from the straight strains as those ears seem to swivel about to catch every sound.

The thick fur makes her appear soft as it hides her muscled body combined with her small stature makes her an often overlooked threat. While her childish size may cause some to guess her age but that is until you take note of her generous swells which seem all the larger on her small frame. The D- cup breasts are kept in a casual t shirt and she wears a hooded jean jacket with a number of strategic pockets to allow her to quick access to them. Her gentle curved hips are hugged by a pair of jeans that look a bit frayed here and there as they seem to have seen many a days on the streets each hole giving a little look at her fur beneath. This image of casualness seems to often draw an eye away from the fact that hide at her back among her hair and the hood is a sword hilt, as well as a knife in a sleeve.


Life before I was born was probably an exciting one, at least I like to think my parents would do jobs for “The Family” and would get paid decently for the jobs they pulled after all you need a good bit of credit to have two kids in those days. While my memories of them are hazy, my brother Caim often said that they were a little sad that their first child was afflicted with the micro morphism. After all your value to the family is often weighed by either appearances or by the tasks you can perform. I am sure, like any parent, looked at their child hoping that the powers that be gifted him something in compensation for his small stature. A some years later, probably about around the time Caim was starting to show interest in computers they must have convinced the Family to finance them to try again.

Being born small, though larger than my brother, I am sure the Family wouldn’t let my parents try again. By the time I was four, Caim and I were orphaned and the Family assigned us a caretaker, a weasel named Mr. Morison. He was a somewhat uncaring man but he made sure we were fed, we went to school, but he always seemed like watching over us was beneath him.

Like my brother before me, I attend the local MarsCo. school though it was probably more a convenience simply because I could carry my brother to school instead Mr. Morison when I was old enough to attend. I have many found memories of Caim helping me with homework, using her stylist like a massive broom to move things her smart glass. I think it became apparent that I was not the most studious child but despite my size I did seem to be apt at physical skills. As I progressed in school my small size became ever more apparent as my focus leaned more towards classes that required more and more physical strength as her fellow students bulked up, she never really seem to gain any muscle. Needless to say the only time I never felt like I had to prove myself was when I am with my brother. As my brother’s skills with the computer improved I continued to flounder in school and I suppose Mr. Morison either took pity on me or thought it was part of his job to prepare his charges. Our guardian took it upon himself to start training me in a skill set that will one day hope to protect both her brother and herself.

Turmoil (Family conflicts)
Difficult times fall upon us all, and some times it falls on families. When I was ten something changed and Mr. Morison wasn’t around as much and when he was he was train me extra hard which I suppose this was okay considering Caim never seemed to have time for me these days as he seemed so in depth in his computer nonsense. Over the next few years things got rather violent around the housing complex and the streets and by the time I was thirteen Mr. Morison went missing and we had ran out of food and that’s when Caim began to utilize his skills so that we could have credits to eat off of and pay rent. Seeing that Caim could make us self sufficient with his skills that we didn’t need to call child services and that I should continue going to school as if nothing was wrong.

Corruption and Separation
School was odd without having Morison at home waiting for her but at least Caim would always be and our missing caretaker sparked an enjoyment in fighting and over the years it would aid her with dealing with bullies that would pick on the runt in the room. Without Morison to check on is it was a kind of freedom few children get to enjoy, she could stay out as late as she wanted and with caim always making sure we had just enough credits she could eat what ever she wanted. Such freedoms would turn to poison for her big brother as greed took hold and he begin stock piling wealth. She would come home to strange smells as her brother got ever more bold with his private time at home and would often see articles of clothing that were female but never belonged to her, these smells would often lead to her own bed which was large enough to support my brother’s hourly playmate. I decided to spend more time at school and the gym to keep away from home unless I needed money for things. I was debating how to have an intervention. Sadly, the day I decided as a day too late as I was coming home from the gym to find a collie dog in police gear standing outside our residence while a number of police were caring off computer gear. Rushing up she talked to the collie whom was only a lowly beat cop stated that the otter has been linked to a number of crimes. With Caim in prison, I turned to the only place that would take a sixteen year old for work.. the Family.

A young thing like me has so few job prospects to offer the Family, I was too short and young to be arm candy, I showed I could fight but compared to the hired muscle that could fill a doorway with their bulk, it meant that I would have to try extra hard. They decided to use my small size to be a look out, to pick pocket, and minor breaking and entering. While not what she enjoyed to do, it still paid the bills. I would still train with the body guards in the gym and they would let me considering I could convince them that if a job went bad, an extra knife or gun would help in a pinch. I just was never meant for security because its hard to look intimidating but they told me that if you get enough money together there were things Pulse could do to change all that. I now had a goal, its good to have one, get in with good with pulse, and make it so I am never looked down upon or underestimated ever again.

I was twenty one when my brother was released from prison and after a good word I put in with the family they were eager to take him in. My brother now lives in a nice upscale apartment, which boggles my mind as to why my big brother needs all that space. He assures me its for entertaining purposes, but I get the feeling that prison didn’t purge him of certain vices. I still go to him when I need help because after all he is my brother and he still makes me feel good to be by him. While I could ask my brother for credits for the surgery I would rather not risk my brother gaining police attention again to gather that much money, even for me, so I will just have to make that money on my own.


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