Tag: NPC


  • Caim

    Caim is a small otter and older brother of [[:rasheed | Rasheed]]. Like his sister he was in the family business of taking on small jobs of the sort that are not always legal. He got into trouble awhile back and officially doesn't do that anymore. Promise …

  • @Tabitha&&

    Somewhat wealthy sponser that manages six people. She cares about her charges but doesn’t care much for stupid mistakes. A retired athlete advisor that specializes in water events and weaponry that tends to be employed in water based events.

  • #Tyson%*

    Cyrr's Ex-team mate now pissed off at them. They lost a match and believe the situation was Cyrr's fault and that Cyrr tricked the sponsor into putting the blame on Tyson ultimately resulting in him being let go from team as a result. Now they have an …

  • Lily Meing

    Meing is a female panda that works/ maintains a MarsCo buyspot. Her family leases the buyspot from MarsCo and her family maintains a small but respectful chain and have name them panda express because history dictated it existed though the fact that food …