Mars Hab Block 486-"Solace"

Hab Block 486, also known as “Solace” is a residential Hab Block on mars. It is typical as a basic, easily modified hab block of MarsCo design and is a major port in it’s region of mars. Every so often one can catch glimpses of strange and marvelous things that come through here and often word of news and developments start here.


Major Starport
Solace is home to the largest starport for over a hundred miles. This gives it an increased volume of cargo and population compared to most cities in the same region. It’s easy to find and lose almost anything in such a place.

Pulse Subculture
Despite being a MarsCo city Pulse affiliates have an unusually high presence in this city including their own arena in a substantial section of the town.


Starlight Plaza
The Starlight Plaza is a well known social spot in the hab. Easily accessible, affordable and brimming with people. It is a large indoor area with thrumming music lined with restaurants, entertainment facilities and a few people showing off artworks.

Panda Express
A MarsCo buy spot owned by Lily Meing. There’s always been rumors that suggest a shady reputation but nothing that has ever been proven and most such rumors seem dubious. This buyspot hasn’t seen a lack of business despite the persistent harassment.

Altered Destiny Starport
Altered Destiny is the region’s largest starport and happens to see a fair amount of shipping traffic to this day. Most things distributed to this region of mars ship directly through the Altered Destiny.

Savage Rapids
Pulse owned and operated with a lease from MarsCo with the intention of drawing more interest towards water sports further away from the coast. Savage Rapids is an area for events centered around the involvement, manipulation or use of water and water-centric sports.

“The Junkyard”
Having no official designation this ‘junkyard’ is a collection of parts no one wants. Some of which is ‘donated’ while small amounts are bought. Housing parts to everything from extra pistol triggers to starship cannon bits it’s a veritable mess of antiquity located just outside of Hab Block Solace. The owner of which is an eccentric black rat whom gives you the impression you should keep an eye on him at all times.

Museum of Developmental Science
A museum in dedication to the progress of the vector species since the time of their creation. Starting with what they know of archaic human science (not all of which entirely accurate!) they go on to show the marvels that vectors have uncovered as well as an exhibit on the possibilities of the future.

The Old Power Plant
This abandoned derelict building is all that remains of the old power plant. Sometime in the past few months there was an incident that caused an explosion which severely damaged the structure and several surrounding houses. Due to legal red tape no one entirely understand it has yet to be dissassembled but is currently unsafe for anyone to work in due to danger of collapse.

Snapp Trapp
This is a popular rave club. It’s known for having good energy and great music but there are rumors abound that there’s shadier elements to the club. While no one has ever been arrested nearby of note and no evidence can be seen of any laws being broken or questionably danced around the rumors surrounding this place keep coming.



Mars Hab Block 486-"Solace"

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