Lily Meing

Panda Shopkeeper & Mission Contractor


Species: Panda! (Bear)
Sex: Female
Morphism: plantigrade
Corp: MarsCo
Age: 26
Eyes: Green


Meing is a female panda that works/ maintains a MarsCo buyspot. Her family leases the buyspot from MarsCo and her family maintains a small but respectful chain and have name them panda express because history dictated it existed though the fact that food was sold was lost to time. While everything seems business as usual in the front. They actually do a lot of the hook ups for less moral folks basically they are the guys who know a guy kind of people seeing as they see everyone coming in and creating their MarsCo goods.

Lily Meing is rather average for a panda she seems to blend into her family and has been striving to work her way towards standing out from the black and whites.. She is trying to improve her business on both sides. She is rather shrewd business woman knowing that her status in her family comes down to both the bottom line and the number of connections you have. Nothing is better than having one of your many siblings come to you to make a connection for them.

Lily Meing

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